Haberlerde Unable

Örnek kollokasyonlar

unable to find Bulunamadı
unable to get Alınamıyor
unable to make Yapamamak
unable to play Oynayamıyor
unable to take Alamamak

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

· Mother seeks answers in mysterious 2007 death of Fort Drum soldier Sgt. Patrick Rust who was found dead six months after disappearing from bar in Watertown, New York  
A subsequent autopsy conducted in Washington, D.C. was unable to determine the cause or manner of death, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.
The Guardian
· Venues in crisis: 'We couldn't survive if we opened 10 nights a week'  
They will have to make exceptions for businesses that are unable to trade.”
The Independent
· Coronavirus will be catastrophic to Africa’s most vulnerable nations – we cannot leave these people behind  
Existing clinics are poorly equipped, understaffed, and unable to meet the need for care.
The Atlantic
· Bring on the CoronaCorps  
Many more have instructed faculty to reimagine courses for a hybrid audience—with students unable or unwilling to attend class being offered courses either partially or fully online.
Seeking Alpha
· Low Growth Potential Of The Russian Market  
But, firstly, we need to understand that because of quarantine measures, people in many cities simply were physically unable to make purchases.
The Age
· Residential areas are no places for these heaters  
Our neighbour's wood fire smokes night and day for months and we are unable to open our windows because of it.
The Guardian
· Shortage of PPE may force reopened dentists to limit treatments  
The chief dental officer for England, Sara Hurley, last week asked the country’s 10,000 practices to start offering routine appointments from 8 June but the British Dental Association has warned that many surgeries will be unable to carry out a full range of treatments because of widespread shortages of personal protective equipment.
The Age
· Racing identities still in business with banned Aquanita trainers  
Mr Vasil said he was unable to comment on anything because of the conditions of his disqualification.
Malay Mail
· Is Malaysia in desperate need of a Covid-19 bill? — Leonard Yeoh and Nurul Qarirah  
Apart from financial difficulties, the restrictions also meant that companies are forced to delay or unable to fulfil certain contractual obligations.
The Age
· Raiders continue AAMI Park dominance with third-straight win over Storm  
Nelson Asofa-Solomona was a constant threat for the Storm but the home side was unable to overcome the Raiders.Credit:Getty Images