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Seeking Alpha
· Liberty Oilfield Services: Operational Downsides Prevail  
The number of drilled-but-uncompleted (or DUC) wells was relatively resilient in 2020 while the drilled and completed wells depleted dramatically in the key unconventional resource shales.
Seeking Alpha
· Peyto: All The Wrong Firsts  
The natural gas industry has had an unusually long decline as a consequence of the growth of the unconventional oil business.
The Independent
· Trump news – live: White House will ‘take action’ on TikTok ban, as Kanye West featured in president’s campaign ad  
Overnight, the president’s latest campaign advert denouncing ”what the critics say” starred Kanye West – whose unconventional presidential bid continues to garner widespread attention.
Sports Illustrated
· Rockets Win Contrast of Styles Against Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks  
The Rockets' unconventional nature is no secret at this point, but Houston's first two games in Orlando have been jarring in a number of respects.
Sports Illustrated
· Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks Provide Test of Rockets' Interior Defense  
Houston sports one of the more unconventional rotations in recent memory.
The Independent
· Trump news: Top Democrat compares president to Mussolini as White House admits it is 'very concerned' over coronavirus deaths rising  
The advert, which denounced “critics”, starred the American rapper who last month announced his own unconventional 2020 presidential bid.
The Independent
· ‘There is nothing taboo’: The brands giving unsexy beauty products a makeover  
The Nue Co. and Megababe are part of a group of brands that address unsexy beauty and grooming concerns using slick packaging and candid, unconventional messaging.
Financial Express
· RBI's Monetary Policy Committee meets next week amid urgency to revive growth  
It believes the MPC could now well debate what further unconventional policy measures could be resorted to in the current circumstances to ensure financial stability is continued to be addressed.
Financial Express
· Truncated, day-long monsoon session for Bihar legislature on Monday  
Members staging demonstrations carrying placards inscribed with colorful slogans, holding impromptu press conferences and reaching the premises atop vehicles decorated in unconventional ways are a routine sight.