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The Age
· Can you trust the US election polls?  
In 2016, experts agree there were two specific factors that undermined the accuracy of the battleground state polls.
The China Post
· Rajapaksa brothers to get strong support in Sri Lanka polls  
Manuranga said he fears that Rajapaksas would undermine democracy and the rule of law.
The New York Times
· Trump Again Assails Mail-In Voting  
Mr. Trump’s critics have pointed out that he is taking steps to undermine the Postal Service, potentially worsening the very problems that he cites with mail-in ballots.
Washington Post
· Don’t let the Trump administration rush the census count  
The 2020 Census is the largest, most complex population count in the nation’s history — one made more difficult by the emergence of covid-19 and the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to undermine a decade of careful planning by the Census Bureau.
· Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson’s rift to erupt as Scots lose £4billion over Brexit  
SNP sources told Express.co.uk on Monday night there were “severe concerns” about Boris Johnson’s policies which “severely undermined” the “decision made by the Scottish people in 2016”.
The Independent
· 'Pathetic': Trump hits out at Deborah Birx for first time after she admits coronavirus is widespread across US  
The president has made a habit out of undermining and attacking other doctors working for the White House.
The New York Times
· Juan Carlos, Spain’s Former King, Quits Country Amid Multiple Investigations  
In 2014, King Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son, amid health problems and a series of personal scandals that were already undermining the reputation of Spain’s monarchy.
Washington Post
· GOP policies, then and now, were meant to undermine civil rights  
All five of the GOP victories featured dog-whistle, tough-on-crime pledges, clearly deploring civil rights legislation that was required to address 100 years of injustice — as well as the correction of a problem that undermined any moral stand that the United States projected internationally.
Washington Post
· In the age of Trump, the GOP’s only core value is to win  
Why do Republicans claim widespread voter fraud, undermining faith in elections, despite no evidence?
Washington Post
· Q&A: TikTok saga continues with Microsoft talks. Now what?  
But several experts say that the U.S. government is lashing out at Chinese tech companies without taking significant steps to protect Americans’ privacy with federal legislation and while working to undermine encryption, which allows secure communications that can’t be easily read by outsiders.