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· Axios · Trump's new purge: Sources expect him to fire more inspector generals
What they're saying: Conservative allies of the president have told him that these I.G.s are members of the “deep state” trying to undermine him.   Copy example sentence
· The New York Times · All I Wanted Was to Be Interrogated
Further undermining my own need for interrogation, researchers have long said that airport screening for most diseases is pretty useless.   Copy example sentence
· The Independent · Coronavirus: Germany and France accuse US of taking face masks as international tensions rise
Politicians in Berlin and Paris both said America had been using unfair means to undermine their own attempts to secure personal protective equipment.   Copy example sentence
· The Guardian · The Tories' call to 'protect the NHS' is a disgraceful hypocrisy
This party has undermined, underfunded and sold off bits of the NHS.   Copy example sentence