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The Japan Times
· Trump and Putin by the book  
Like Trump, Putin was unwilling to wait for safer circumstances, and made his public appearances without a mask, undermining public health messaging for the sake of appearing macho.
Washington Post
· Diversity job openings fell nearly 60% after the coronavirus. Then came the Black Lives Matter protests.  
Partially blinded by police: Video evidence undermines official accounts of injuries at George Floyd protests
The New York Times
· ‘They Go to Mommy First’  
However, he said that his co-author, Caitlyn Collins, an assistant professor of sociology at Washington University, speculated that part of the issue may be that “when a child needs help, they go to mommy first,” and over days and weeks, that has a cumulative, undermining effect.
The New York Times
· China Vows to Retaliate After Trump Signs Hong Kong Sanctions Bill  
Mr. Trump also signed legislation, adopted overwhelmingly in May by Congress, that authorizes the administration to impose sanctions on officials or institutions, including banks, that were found to have undermined Hong Kong’s semiautonomous status.
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Live Updates: Virus Resurgence Threatens U.S. Economy  
Public health experts have long expressed concern that the administration is politicizing science and undermining the C.D.C.
The Independent
· 2020 election: Jeff Sessions loses Republican nomination for Alabama seat  
“I took the road less travelled, didn't try to excuse myself or get in a fight or undermine the leader of our country and the great work he has to do,” Mr Sessions said, calling that “an honourable path”.
The New York Times
· Why Push Public Schools to Open Without Helping Them Open Safely?  
Second, it has the potential to undermine the public’s confidence in the quality of public education and the necessity of funding it as a public good.
The New York Times
· ‘White Fragility’ Is Everywhere. But Does Anti-Bias Training Work?  
If the aim is to dismantle white supremacy, to redistribute power and influence, I asked them in various forms, do the messages of today’s antiracism training risk undermining the goal by depicting an overwhelmingly rigged society in which white people control nearly all the outcomes, by inculcating the idea that the traditional skills needed to succeed in school and in the upper levels of the workplace are somehow inherently white, by spreading the notion that teachers shouldn’t expect traditional skills as much from their Black students, by unwittingly teaching white people that Black people require allowances, warrant extraordinary empathy and can’t really shape their own destinies?
The Guardian
· Authoritarian voters pushed Trump to victory. Can they do it again?  
They asked respondents what made them fearful and found that they “most fear threats that come from abroad” but they also feared internal threats that they viewed as undermining the stability of the social hierarchy.
The Age
· Australia refuses to join Trump's punishment of China over Hong Kong  
The Greens and the crossbench are considering whether to launch a Senate inquiry into the deal amid concerns it amounts to an implicit approval of Beijing's actions, which criminalises actions that undermine the Chinese state with sentences of up to life in prison.