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Washington Post
· Trump says he’s examining executive orders on evictions, payroll taxes if he can’t reach deal with Democrats  
Trump asked him about his June 22 article in National Review arguing that the Supreme Court’s recent decision on immigration could pave the way for other sweeping unilateral actions by the president, according to Yoo.
· For richer and poorer, Uncle Sam's coronavirus response widened the gulf  
Some of the central bank’s maneuvers, like lowering the federal funds rate, were unilateral, but many required Congress to step in and give the Fed a license to work with the administration on a set of hybrid programs that use instruments of high finance as levers to lend to banks and other companies.
Washington Post
· Richmond judge dismisses one Confederate monument lawsuit, allows another to stand  
But the judge also expressed deep skepticism in that hearing about Stoney’s unilateral decision to remove the statues, which began coming down on July 1 without the approval of the City Council and against the advice of the city attorney.
Yonhap News
· Most S. Koreans support alliance with U.S. despite tensions: poll  
The survey, conducted on 1,000 adults in South Korea from June 23-25, also found that a unilateral withdrawal of American troops from South Korea is likely to undermine public support for the alliance.
· Three months out, the presidential election is still being overshadowed  
The White House is looking to make unilateral moves if no deal is reached in Congress on coronavirus relief.
The New York Times
· 2020 Election Live Updates: When Will Biden Announce His Running Mate?  
“All of us, regardless of political stripe or affiliation, or no affiliation at all, should be gravely concerned that any governor would claim authority to seize unilateral control of state government for as long as he or she chooses,” he said at the time.
The Age
· Let's show our resilience and sense of community  
He is not a dictator with unilateral decision-making powers, he is the political leader of a team, including experts that are making the decisions and overseeing their implementation.
· Commentary: Climate change makes dealing with COVID-19 look easy  
With COVID-19, unilateral national action can work.
Yonhap News
· (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Aug. 3)  
Public sentiment can sour faster if the ruling party continues with its unilateral ways such as rubber-stamping real estate-related bills despite civilian protest.
Al Jazeera
· Will the Gulf-Israel rapprochement be derailed by annexation?  
In early June, the Saudi cabinet issued a sharp condemnation of the annexation talk, slamming any unilateral Israeli step that would derail the peace process and injure Palestinian rights.