“Unintentional” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Georgia governor accused of being ‘out of step’ after passing new legal protections for police officers  
In attempting to persuade the governor to veto the measure, the ACLU argued that the way the bill is written, it could have the unintentional effect of reducing the penalty for killing a police officer from mandatory life in prison to the maximum of five years now specified in the law.
The Independent
· Exam algorithm will punish pupils from struggling areas with lower grades, Labour warns  
The row comes after Mr Williamson was accused, in June, of ignoring warnings that “unintentional bias” will penalise poorer and ethnic minority pupils this summer.
· Datafold is solving the chaos of data engineering  
With Datafold, changes made by data engineers in their extractions and transformations can be compared for unintentional changes.