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national unity Ulusal birlik
national unity government Ulusal birlik hükümeti
unity among Arasında birlik
unity between Arasındaki birlik
unity government Birlik hükümeti

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The Atlantic
· Embracing the Compromises of Political Giants  
Over the course of decades, Hume argued that for nationalists—those who want Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, to be merged with the Republic of Ireland, a separate country—what mattered was the unity of people, not the unity of territory (though this remained his long-term aspiration).
Sports Illustrated
· Proposed Pac-12 Player Boycott Brings Stinging Fan Rebuke  
The players didn't respond to interview requests; instead, they tweeted out responses to the public criticism and to reports of retribution against Washington State University players for taking part in the unity effort.
Washington Post
· Ceremonies for El Paso shooting anniversary shaped by virus  
The pandemic has added peril to the kind of gatherings that would have otherwise marked the grim anniversary, but did not stop the largely Hispanic city of 700,000 from showing unity.
The Guardian
· Lewis Hamilton wants F1 to match unified gestures adopted by other sports  
He is F1’s only black driver and staunchly committed to promoting the anti-racism and diversity cause within the sport but disappointed at the lack of leadership F1 has previously shown and a lack of unity from the drivers.
Washington Post
· How Iran’s Virus Fight Is Tied to Struggle With U.S.  
The surge of national unity that followed was cut short when authorities initially sought to cover up the IRGC’s mistaken shooting-down of a civilian airliner on Jan. 8.
The Guardian
· 'We are being gaslit': College football and Covid-19 are imperiling athletes  
That organization, known as Pac-12 Football Unity, planned to boycott all “fall camps and football games” until they receive a “written contract with the Pac-12 that legally ensures [they] are offered “safe play during Covid-19”, assurances against “racial injustice”, “economic rights & fair compensation”, protection for “all sports”, and “long-term health insurance”.
The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
The Rev Ian Paisley, leader of the Democratic Unionist party, denounced Hume as a “message boy for the IRA” and prayed for “the great God to put his spanner in the machinery of Irish unity”.
· NDP 2020: Maritime sail-past returns after 20 years in tribute to frontline workers  
The vessels, which will sail as close as 1km from land, will also sound their horns for 15 seconds near the end “as an expression of maritime unity and a call for Singaporeans to stand together in solidarity”, the organising committee said.