Haberlerde Unrest

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civil unrest Sivil huzursuzluk
labor unrest Emek huzursuzluğu
political unrest Siyasi huzursuzluk
social unrest Sosyal huzursuzluk
unrest among Arasında huzursuzluk

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The New York Times
· 17 States Sue to Block Student Visa Rules  
But the Ethiopian government last month shut down the country’s internet amid deadly civil unrest, and even if it returns, the time difference would be difficult to overcome.
· Inter move second, close in on Champions League with Torino win  
The hosts, who have been rocked by rumours of dressing room unrest, struggled to react and Christian Ansaldi could easily have doubled Torino's lead when Handanovic just managed to hold onto his powerful shot five minutes before the break.
· Mali frees detained opposition figures on fourth day of unrest in capital Bamako  
After three days of unrest in the capital Bamako, the situation remained tense as stone-throwing protesters clashed with police, who fired back tear gas.
· How Stress Can Cause a Loss of Appetite—And 5 Ways to Handle It  
Moreover, she emphasizes that added structure might be essential to those suffering most in this time, noting its value to Black individuals not only coping with grief and pain in this time of civil unrest, but experiencing loss due to the coronavirus.
· Mahmoud Dicko, the populist imam challenging Mali’s President Keita  
Triggered by the disputed results of legislative elections in March, the recent protests turned violent at the weekend as security forces cracked down on protesters and opposition leaders, killing at least four people in Bamako’s worst civil unrest in years.
The New York Times
· YouTube’s Factory Workers Are Angry  
Their research, however, cleverly identifies a couple of root causes of YouTube’s labor unrest.
· Outlander season 6 release date, cast, trailer, plot: When will series 6 be released?  
This will pick up after the fifth book which saw the political unrest heighten while the Frasers attempted to lead a peaceful life in North Carolina.
The China Post
· AP Explains: Why Serbs are protesting against virus lockdown  
He pledged the state will curb the unrest, urging his followers not to confront the demonstrators.
The New York Times
· Black Lives Matter Street Painting Is Rejected in Catskill, N.Y.  
In cities across the nation, the civil unrest that followed Mr. Floyd’s death has heightened racial tensions and, in some cases, led to confrontations pitting protesters against the police and some community members.
Sports Illustrated
· Mavs Dance Party Has An Unlikely Fan in Chris Paul  
That means he is in part charged with some responsibility of helping to pull all of this together, and to bring people together, in a COVID-19 time and also at a time of social unrest.