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political upheaval
social upheaval

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Washington Post
· Puerto Rico braces for political upheaval involving governor  
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico’s governor denied allegations of obstruction of justice late Monday as the main opposition party demanded she be investigated and hinted at a possible impeachment process in what could be the latest round of major political upheaval for the U.S. territory.
Washington Post
· Major U.S. cities, gripped with crisis, now face spike in deadly shootings, including of children  
In the upheaval since, police have been facing calls for their departments to be defunded and their operations to be stripped down, putting them on the defensive as they have been at the center of a political and social tempest.
· Survey: 3% Of Americans Moved Due To The Pandemic  
As the coronavirus has spread to communities across the U.S., among its effects has been physical upheaval.
Ars Technica
· The Norman Conquest didn’t change ordinary people’s lives very much  
The roughly 2 million (based on a 1086 census) ordinary people who lived through the upheaval left behind no written records to tell us how they felt or what they experienced.
· Lockdown-focused Facebook groups pivot to attacks on Black Lives Matter  
In the Ohio group, one user wrote on May 31: “The focus is shifted from the voice of free people rising up against tyranny ... to lawless thugs from a well known racist group causing violence and upheaval of lives.”
The Wall Street Journal
· First Black Fed President Warns of Systemic Racism’s Economic Toll  
Raphael Bostic, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s president, is shining a light on how economic and social upheaval have changed how the central bank talks and thinks about racial and economic inequality.
The New York Times
· It’s Been ‘Such a Weird Year.’ That’s Also Reflected in Crime Statistics.  
This year’s upheaval may be even more reason to be cautious.
Financial Express
· Renewable Power Could be the New Holy Grail for Investors  
That has been causing an upheaval.
The Japan Times
· NBA emphasizes mental health as teams await Disney ‘bubble’  
Another issue, Parham said, is how the restart coincides with the political and social upheaval spawned by the death of George Floyd, a Black man, while in police custody.