Haberlerde Uranium

Örnek kollokasyonlar

depleted uranium Tükenmiş uranyum
enriched uranium Zenginleştirilmiş uranyum
uranium enrichment Uranyum zenginleştirme
uranium mining Uranyum madenciliği
uranium ore Uranyum cevheri

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Washington Post
· How Iran’s Virus Fight Is Tied to Struggle With U.S.  
Under that accord, reached in 2015, Iran forfeited some 97% of its enriched uranium, which if processed further could fuel a nuclear weapon, and mothballed some three-quarters of the centrifuges needed to refine the heavy metal.
The Diplomat
· Hiroshima at 75: A Painful Legacy Tempered by Hope and a Treaty  
A 15 kiloton uranium bomb, codenamed “Little Boy,” was dropped over Hiroshima.
The Atlantic
· How the Pandemic Defeated America  
Those with water must contend with runoff from uranium mines.
· Explainer: Mitigation efforts for a world warming by less than 2 degrees  
While it does not have a high carbon footprint, the fission of heavy nuclei like uranium and plutonium is not the long-term solution for humanity’s energy needs because of the difficulty in disposing the radioactive waste produced.
The Age
· My grandfather and the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima  
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, code-named Site X, was a secret city built by the Manhattan Project to house production facilities and workers needed to enrich the uranium bound for the Hiroshima bomb.
The New York Times
· U.A.E. Becomes First Arab Nation to Open a Nuclear Power Plant  
Israel has an unacknowledged nuclear weapons arsenal and Iran has a controversial uranium enrichment program that it insists is solely for peaceful purposes.