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electric utility
public utility
utility companies
utility company
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Seeking Alpha
· S&P 500 Weekly Update: The 'Bull' Is Alive As Equities Break Out Of The Trading Range  
At the sector level, the Health Care (81%) and Materials (79%) sectors have the highest percentages of companies reporting earnings above estimates, while the Consumer Discretionary (40%), Financials (51%), Real Estate (52%), and Utilities (54%) sectors have the lowest percentages of companies reporting earnings (or FFO for Real Estate) above estimates.
Seeking Alpha
· Kiplinger 'Most Reliable Dividend Stocks On Earth' June Update  
Finally, one from utilities dropped into ninth place, Enagas SA (OTCPK:ENGGY) [10], to complete the pending International Aristocrats top ten by yield for June.
The Guardian
· 'A summer unlike any other': heatwaves and Covid-19 are a deadly combination  
The city is also seeking to help more people pay for electricity this summer, as the unemployment crisis leaves thousands of New Yorkers without the means to make rent and utilities.
Malay Mail
· TNB: Prorated method not cause of sudden spike in electricity bill  
KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 ― The prorated method for electricity tariff used by Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) does not cause a sudden increase in electricity bills to almost nine million customers of the utility company after the easing of the movement control order (MCO).
Seeking Alpha
· Applied Materials Inc (AMAT) CEO Gary Dickerson Presents at 2020 Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference (Transcript)  
And so you've got a bit of a math problem which creates incremental investment is lower utility from a bit growth standpoint.
Seeking Alpha
· FuelCell Energy Preferred: The Top 10 Reasons To Consider This 14.7% Green Energy Yielder  
If the company executes on its project backlog, in a few years, FCEL could look more like a utility than a small tech startup with erratic sales.
Seeking Alpha
· American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) CEO Doug Parker Presents at 2020 Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference (Transcript)  
Well, look, here’s what I’d tell you, is we’ve seen this time and time again any number of airline downturns, the big hubs win and big hubs provide so much utility to customers as such low marginal costs that the more of, it keeps those things big and is really to keep your value to customers attached and also to be able to create a basis for growing margins.
Seeking Alpha
· Tesla Ready For Import/Export, Taking The BEV Beyond Transport  
Electricity utilities interested in making use of substantial energy store by paying BEV owners for access to their batteries when stationary.
Seeking Alpha
· Stocks recover after Trump's China actions not as bad as feared  
For the day, the technology (+1.2%) and utilities (+0.8%) led the S&P sectors, while financials (-1.1%) and industrials (-0.6%) trailed.
Seeking Alpha
· No Dividend Cuts, And Nine Dividend Increases In The COVID-19 Crisis  
Add in utilities.