“Vehicle” in the news

Example collocations

commercial vehicle
electric vehicle
launch vehicle
motor vehicle
vehicle registration

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Deadly shooting outside Oakland courthouse as protests rage  
A vehicle pulled up outside the Ronald V Dellums Federal Building at about 9:45pm on Friday and someone opened fire at the contract security officers who worked for the Federal Protective Service of the Department of Homeland Security, authorities said.
· New York AG to review videos of 'violent clashes' in Brooklyn  
Police vehicles in Los Angeles were also vandalized.
The China Post
· The Latest: Protesters blocked interstate in St. Louis  
A grocery store and a cell phone store were looted, and protesters threw rocks at police, smashed a police bicycle, slashed the tires of a police car and stomped on other police vehicles.
The New York Times
· How to Disinfect a Police Car in a Pandemic: Make It an Oven  
and other departments were concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in vehicles.