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blood vessel Kan damarı
fishing vessel Balıkçı teknesi
merchant vessel Ticaret gemisi
patrol vessel Devriye gemisi
research vessel Araştırma gemisi

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The Age
· Why are fish wars heating up all over the world?  
But the entry of four Chinese coast guard vessels and 63 fishing boats into Indonesian waters in December, and again in January, still managed to shock and infuriate Indonesia.
Washington Post
· Surgeon General Jerome Adams may be the nicest guy in the Trump administration. But is that what America needs right now?  
Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, issued a statement that Trump had found “a new vessel by which to spew his racist dog whistles.”
· Type 2 diabetes: The 50p vegetable proven to reduce blood sugar and prevent complications  
There are two main types of strokes: ischaemic, where a blood clot forms in the brain; and haemorrhagic, where a blood vessel bursts and causes a brain haemorrhage.
The Guardian
· Of course there's a future for the British fishing industry – on stage  
That June, however, Ernest contradicted his addled son, citing factors including competition for docking space from North Sea oil vessels as other reasons for his voluntary sale, complicating his son’s expedient and confected anti-EU narrative.
Financial Express
· India to challenge China's foray in South America; To explore defence export opportunities  
In March this year, the Chilean Navy has acquired an Anchor Handling Towing Supply and Standby Vessel (AHTSSV) ocean support vessel from Indian shipyard Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding for a value of $ 11.5 million.
· High blood pressure - the vegetable you should avoid or risk deadly hypertension  
High blood pressure - which is also known as hypertension - puts extra stress on blood vessels and vital organs.
· UN to hold crisis talks as decaying Yemen tanker risks disaster  
Top Huthi leader Mohamed Ali al-Huthi said on Twitter last month that the rebels want guarantees the vessel will be repaired and that the value of the oil on board is used to pay salaries of their employees.
· Two years after Lara Prychodko was found dead at bottom of Manhattan trash chute, father maintains she was murdered  
The report also stated that the strangulation “may also explain why there was little bleeding from the lacerated viscera and torn blood vessels noted at autopsy.”
· Archaeology breakthrough: Astounding discovery of Arctic shipwreck 'frozen in time'  
Researchers said the vessel, one of the long lost ships from Sir John Franklin’s 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage, was astonishingly well preserved.Ryan Harris, the lead archaeologist on the project said last year: “The ship is amazingly intact.
· Columnist Mindy Hammond gives her doodle puppy a radical haircut  
They bury bones for storage, so maybe they think our pockets serve as magical storage vessels for bottomless bounty?