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· U.S. envoy for Iran policy Brian Hook steps down  
The measure has received mixed support from Security Council members who remain part of the Iran agreement with Russia and China already indicating they will veto the resolution.
Ars Technica
· TikTok deal tests Microsoft’s decades of China experience  
Although some executives wanted to pull the loss-making cloud division out of China, chief executive Satya Nadella vetoed the decision, according to a Microsoft consultant.
The New York Times
· Lawmakers Aim to Prevent Trump From Bypassing Ban on Armed Drone Sales  
Last year, lawmakers passed a bipartisan resolution that would require the U.S. government to end its support for the war in Yemen, but Mr. Trump vetoed the measure.
The Independent
· Georgia governor accused of being ‘out of step’ after passing new legal protections for police officers  
In attempting to persuade the governor to veto the measure, the ACLU argued that the way the bill is written, it could have the unintentional effect of reducing the penalty for killing a police officer from mandatory life in prison to the maximum of five years now specified in the law.
Washington Post
· Richard Nixon bears responsibility for the pandemic’s child-care crisis  
It has been simmering below the surface for decades and can be traced back to President Richard M. Nixon’s 1971 veto of federally funded universal child care, which created our bifurcated approach to child care that considers the needs of some and not others.
Washington Post
· Why State Aid Has Become a Stumbling Block in Brexit  
Since the U.S. paralyzed the WTO’s appellate body in 2019, defendants can veto rulings by appealing them into a legal void.
· WW3 fears: US pressures UN to extend Iran nuclear ban or face shocking consequences  
The US-drafted resolution needs at least nine votes in favour to force Russia and China to use their vetoes, which they have signalled they will do.
Washington Post
· Trump says he’ll listen to both sides on Alaska mine project  
“Recall that this administration is the one that brought the Pebble issue away from the political route pursued by the preemptive veto of the Obama-era EPA and back to the traditional regulatory review process,” he said by email.