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The Age
· Let's not copy a broken empire  
Meaning that an industry or an interest group can always pay, pressure or persuade enough politicians to veto any proposal before Congress.
The Rio Times
· ALERJ Wants Intervention in Rio’s Private Hospitals Refusing to Attend Coronavirus Infected Patients  
The text will be sent to Governor Wilson Witzel, who must either sanction or veto it within 15 working days.
The Guardian
· Lionel Shriver: 'Moby-Dick? Get on with it: did the old bastard catch the fish, or didn’t he?  
Funny, I remember the summer I put it on my list (along with all that Faulkner), and my father, unusually, vetoed the choice and said I was too young.
· In prisoner swap deal, Iran releases US veteran held for nearly two years  
Trump vetoes Congress resolution to limit his right to war with Iran
The Economist
· Empty empires: Binyamin Netanyahu has bought loyalty with meaningless titles  
Until then he has the right to veto nearly anything the government does.
The Economist
· Introducing the G11: Donald Trump is right that the G7 needs updating. But what for?  
But Canada and Britain have already said they would veto Russia’s readmission.
· Hong Kong legislature passes controversial China national anthem Bill  
During the debate on Thursday, pro-establishment lawmakers had vetoed most amendments to the anthem Bill proposed by democrats.
· US holds up UN envoy on Libya, frustrating Europeans  
Guterres first proposed as his successor Ramtane Lamamra, a former Algerian foreign minister, but that choice was vetoed by the United States, leading the UN chief to name Tetteh, who since 2018 has served as the UN representative to the African Union.
· Protests disrupt debate as Hong Kong legislature starts voting on controversial China national anthem Bill  
The disruption in the legislature came after pro-establishment lawmakers vetoed most amendments to the anthem Bill proposed by democrats.
The Independent
· Powerful video from 1986 resurfaces showing Biden’s passionate speech against apartheid  
The following month, the Senate passed the Anti-Apartheid Act, which was subsequently vetoed by the president, who accused it of being economic warfare that would lead to more civil strife