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· WW3 fears: US pressures UN to extend Iran nuclear ban or face shocking consequences  
The US-drafted resolution needs at least nine votes in favour to force Russia and China to use their vetoes, which they have signalled they will do.
Washington Post
· Trump says he’ll listen to both sides on Alaska mine project  
“Recall that this administration is the one that brought the Pebble issue away from the political route pursued by the preemptive veto of the Obama-era EPA and back to the traditional regulatory review process,” he said by email.
Washington Post
· Editorial Roundup: US  
No political force should have veto power over the education of America’s children.
The China Post
· Top court rules Brazil must protect Indigenous in pandemic  
The case was filed by the Indigenous organization APIB and six opposition parties after Bolsonaro last month vetoed parts of a bill that Congress approved to safeguard Indigenous groups from the pandemic, including one to require the provision of drinking water, disinfectants and personal hygiene goods.
The China Post
· Georgia governor signs new law to protect police  
In attempting to persuade the governor to veto the measure, the ACLU argued that the way the bill is written, it could have the unintentional effect of reducing the penalty for killing a police officer from mandatory life in prison to the maximum of five years now specified in the law.
· US to submit UN resolution on Iran arms next week  
Russia and China enjoy veto power on the Security Council and want the embargo to expire as laid out under a 2015 resolution.
Washington Post
· Pompeo: US to call UN vote on Iran arms embargo extension  
China and Russia have threatened to veto any attempt to extend the embargo.
Washington Post
· Trump targets Nevada mail voting in lawsuit even as he defends it in Florida  
The Trump administration intervened to scrap that deal, telling lawmakers Trump would veto the entire package – worth $2 trillion and packed with money for stimulus checks, small business loans and vital industry bailouts – if the final version included a grant to the nation’s mail service.
The New York Times
· N.Y.C. Schools Reopening: The Whole Country Is Watching  
Though it is unlikely that Mr. Cuomo will veto the city’s reopening if the numbers stay low, the rancorous history between the two men on schools has prompted confusion among parents.