“Victim” in the news

Example collocations

fall victim
fell victim
first victim
murder victim
rape victim

Publications and example sentences

· NFL quarterback Drew Brees apologizes for 'insensitive' comments  
“Within a moment’s notice after that, one of the officers fired their less-lethal munition at that individual, apparently, but it struck this victim instead,” Manley said, “and this victim then fell to the ground and it appears as though he hit his head when he fell to the ground as well.”
The Age
· Bitter split over toxic foam payout as legal costs slammed  
A federal court judge has warned he will scrutinise legal costs as he weighs whether to approve a class action settlement over firefighting contamination, amid anger the proposal will see victims keep $126 million of their landmark $212 million payout.
The New York Times
· What We Know About the Developments in the Madeleine McCann Case  
German public prosecutors provided few details on Wednesday about what might have happened, but in an appearance Wednesday on an unsolved crimes TV show, Mr. Hoppe, of the German police, said the evidence they had amassed led “to the assumption that Madeleine was the victim of a homicide.”
The Age
· Universities: What price Australia's reputation overseas?  
Where is the assistance for social housing, the homeless, family violence victims, the arts, the small trader who fell between the JobKeeper cracks, etc?
· Thousands in Hong Kong defy ban on Tiananmen vigil  
The US State Department said it mourned the Tiananmen victims and stood with freedom-loving Chinese.
The Guardian
· Pamplona 'wolf pack' members convicted of separate sexual assault  
The victim “was unconscious and so was not able to give any kind of consent,” he said.
The Independent
· Madeleine McCann: German suspect battling to be freed from prison with rape conviction appeal  
German police examined cold cases and found the victim’s original report of the attack, which had not been solved, and the culprit was charged in August last year.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus lockdown halts surge in UK slavery  
Number of suspected victims of modern slavery falls for first time in four years
The Japan Times
· Focus shifts to Hong Kong’s fate on Tiananmen anniversary  
They lit candles and urged the public to do the same later on to mourn victims of the massacre and show their support for the democratic cause in China.