Haberlerde Victim

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fall victim Mağdur olmak
fell victim Kurban düştü
first victim Ilk kurban
murder victim Cinayet kurbanı
rape victim Tecavüz kurbanı

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The China Post
· Survivors mark 75th anniversary of world’s 1st atomic attack  
The registry of the atomic bombing victims is stored at the cenotaph, whose inscription reads “Let all the souls here rest in peace for we shall not repeat the mistake.”
Washington Post
· The Latest: Mexico is nearing 50,000 deaths from COVID-19  
That is 70% more than previously estimated and a total that victims and police say includes dangerous criminals who should stay locked up.
The Independent
· Keeley Bunker murder: Wesley Streete convicted of raping and killing friend he was 'trusted' to walk home  
Killer dumped victim's body face-down in stream and covered her with branches after night out to celebrate her birthday
Washington Post
· 5 found dead in suspected arson fire at Denver home  
Investigators believe the victims were a toddler, an older child and three adults, Denver Fire Department Capt.
· Beirut explosion exposes Lebanon's many villains — and some in the West  
Nothing erases sectarian divides like a disaster that did not ask its victims which village they hail from before they were killed.
· North Korea explosion: Multiple deaths after gas leak causes huge fireball to erupt- WATCH  
North Korean authorities have refused to give “compensation” to victims of the explosions.
Washington Post
· Jon Gruden reportedly tricked Raiders players into thinking he had covid-19  
A number of players have already been activated off the list, including Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, whose wife complained on social media that her family was “harassed” over the situation despite the team confirming that Stafford was a victim of a “False-Positive” result.
Washington Post
· Montgomery County doubles down on directive to close private schools, defying Hogan’s order  
Who we’ve lost: Telling the stories of the victims of covid-19