Haberlerde Violence

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acts of violence Şiddet eylemleri
domestic violence Aile içi şiddet
sexual violence Cinsel şiddet
violence against Karşı şiddet
violence against women Kadınlara karşı şiddet

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Malay Mail
· What trans people need is the license to be respected as human — Justice for Sisters  
His statement will increase discrimination, violence and mistreatment of transgender women with impunity by enforcement officers of the Islamic Departments as well as members of the public.
Washington Post
· Suspect in killing of 11-year-old Davon McNeal pleads not guilty, held in custody  
The shooting of the young boy, which came during a spate of violence in the District, has devastated a neighborhood that has long struggled with gun violence.
The New York Times
· Writer for Tucker Carlson Resigns After ‘Abhorrent’ Online Posts Are Revealed  
Mr. Carlson has dismissed demonstrators as “criminal mobs” and warned that the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement could lead to anarchy and violence.
The Guardian
· 'You think that's racist?': the generational tension in Melbourne's high-rise migrant families  
(In Somalia, General Siad Barre ruled with arbitrary violence until 1991 when his overthrow triggered a prolonged civil war.)
Washington Post
· Four people fatally shot in matter of hours in D.C.  
Four people were fatally shot in a matter of hours in the District on Friday in one of the worst spasms of violence in a year already experiencing an increasing number of homicides.
· Jessica Mulroney: Meghan Markle's ex-friend's heartbreaking move amid troll clash exposed  
She announced her decision to step away from Instagram today (July 11) and allow people from the black community to take over her account in order to post about their experiences of “racism, discrimination and violence”.
The China Post
· Puerto Rico questions Spain’s legacy as statues tumble in US  
“These statues represent all that history of violence, of invasion, of looting, of theft, of murder,” said an activist who goes by the name of Pluma and is a member of Puerto Rico’s Council for the Defense of Indigenous Rights.
Al Jazeera
· Mali PM promises to form an 'open' government amid mass protests  
Violence broke out at mass protests in the capital Bamako on Friday demanding President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita resign over a long-running conflict, economic woes, and perceived government corruption.
The Independent
· Coronavirus and racism could worsen black suicide rate, experts warn  
Many factors are amplified for black families, who often face higher poverty rates, disproportionate exposure to violence and less access to medical care.
Liverpool Echo
· Back street nightclub Quadrant Park that introduced Merseyside to house music and 'gave birth to Cream'  
The club did become associated with other problems such as violence and gangs.