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more violent Daha şiddetli
most violent En şiddetli
violent clashes Şiddetli çatışmalar
violent crime Şiddetli suç
violent crimes Şiddet içeren suçlar

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Washington Post
· Libyan commander responds to federal lawsuits in Virginia  
Faisal Gill, a lawyer for the plaintiffs in one of the cases, said “Hifter finally got the message that we are serious about pursuing justice for the victims of his egregious and violent actions.
The New York Times
· Trump Puts Pentagon in Political Crossfire With Tata Appointment  
He called Islam “the most oppressive violent religion” and referred to Mr. Obama as a “terrorist leader.” He has since apologized for the remarks, which were first reported by CNN.
Sports Illustrated
· Scoutlook: Germie Bernard and What Makes Him so Good  
He is a violent blocker that, combined with his catchability, gives him the potential to be the top receiver in the 2022 class.
The China Post
· Virginia gov faces new hurdle in bid to remove Lee statue  
Floyd’s death sparked a renewed wave of Confederate monument removals across the U.S., just like a violent 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville before it and a mass shooting at a historic African American church in South Carolina before that.
· El Salvador police officers convicted of killing trans woman who had been deported from U.S.  
“This landmark ruling is much needed in a country where LGBT Salvadorans and their families rarely see justice for violent crimes,” José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.
The China Post
· AP WAS THERE: 1956 Melbourne Olympics “Blood in the Water”  
Meanwhile, bitter feelings between the Hungarians and Russians finally resulted in the first violent outbreak in sports competition.
The Atlantic
· Embracing the Compromises of Political Giants  
Without Hume’s vision, or McGuinness’s violent authority, or Paisley’s moral certainty, might things quickly spiral out of control?
The Guardian
· Mexico hails 'Sledgehammer' arrest but murder crisis still a tough nut to crack  
“How is it that this cartel was able to grow so much – to the extent that Guanajuato became our country’s most violent state?” asked Mexico’s populist leader, who took power in late 2018 vowing to slow the killing with a policy of “hugs, not bullets”.
The China Post
· Genoa has new bridge 2 years after collapse that killed 43  
Two years ago this month, a stretch of the Morandi Bridge suddenly gave way in a violent rainstorm, sending vehicles plunging to the dry riverbed below.
Financial Express
· IPL 2020: CAIT opposes BCCI move to retain Chinese firm Vivo as IPL title sponsor  
The BCCI had promised to review the deals in the aftermath of the violent showdown.