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majority vote Voto mayoritario
popular vote Voto popular
public vote Voto público
right to vote Derecho a votar
vote against Voto en contra

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The Independent
· Coronavirus: 5.4m Americans lost health insurance during pandemic, report says  
Are you sure you want to submit this vote?
Malay Mail
· Thorough review by Singapore Elections Department of what went wrong on polling day  
In its first apology at about 1.15pm last Friday, it said that more voters than expected had turned up in the morning outside the voting time bands assigned to them, and that this, together with the new measures, had caused long queues to form.
The Japan Times
· ‘Werewolf’ gets new life during the COVID-19 pandemic  
If you want to put in a vote for 新語, then tweet the word with the hashtag #大辞泉新語, or apply via the Shogakukan campaign site.
· Into Jamaal Bowman's Insurgent Run  
The votes are still being tallied, but progressive Democrat and political newcomer Jamaal Bowman is poised to beat out sixteen-term Congressman Eliot Engel in the primary race to represent New York’s 16th Congressional district.
Washington Post
· Texas Senate runoff asks whether what worked for Democrats in 2018 still works in 2020  
Hegar’s team says Cornyn is trying to draw votes toward West in the runoff because he would be an easier candidate to beat in the fall.
· Older, rural voters tip Poland's election to the incumbent  
President Andrzej Duda was re-elected Sunday in the tightest election in modern Polish history, with 51% of the vote to 49% for Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski.
Malay Mail
· Will Facebook completely ban political ads in days before this year's US election?  
If such a policy is implemented, it could potentially “defend against misleading election-related content spreading as people prepare to vote.”