“Warfare” in the news

Example collocations

electronic warfare
guerrilla warfare
psychological warfare
trench warfare
warfare against

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Currency Wars Continue In The Shadows  
While the term “currency wars” captured the imagination of journalists and book authors, not much economic warfare ever erupted.
The Japan Times
· Troubling trends demand that Japan take action at sea  
As Yoshihara writes, “Japanese forces enabled the United States to project power across the Western Pacific and beyond, and they continue to do so.” The MSDF “complemented U.S. naval strengths, including undersea warfare, while making up for American capability gaps in such areas as minesweeping.”
The China Post
· The American story, splintered, and those vying to tell it  
The hard times that have befallen this nation in 2020 — a deadly pandemic, millions unemployed, political warfare, the upheaval after George Floyd’s death — have revealed an increasingly evident truth: The storylines that have long held the nation together are coming apart.
The China Post
· UN urges billions in aid for Yemen as virus ravages cities  
Critics question Saudi Arabia’s high-profile role in rallying humanitarian support even as it engages in continued warfare against the Houthis.
The Verge
· Activision postpones new Call of Duty content so protestors can ‘be seen and heard’  
Activision is postponing new content updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Call of Duty: Warzone.
Financial Express
· First Rafale fighters to join Golden Arrows Squadron of IAF; Four fighters to be ferried by July end  
These fighters are equipped with the AESA radar, SPECTRA Electronic Warfare System and IRST system.
The Diplomat
· What Is China Saying About the China-India Border Stand-Off?  
Third, a section of the Chinese strategic community also seems to be exploring the future possibility of a “prolonged guerrilla warfare,” a “prompt military action” on the India-Nepal border, or setting up a “Three Front” (China-Pakistan-Nepal) challenge to restrict India in the north.
The Guardian
· Asian Australian students' success is often maligned – but it's our education system that's unequal  
They are used to thinking about education as “like warfare”, as one parent from Hong Kong said.
· Yemen: world's worst humanitarian crisis  
They listed air strikes and shelling, starvation as a method of warfare, killings, torture and sexual violence as well as recruitment of child soldiers as crimes being committed with impunity.
· The White House’s explanation for a tear gas attack on peaceful protesters doesn’t add up  
It produced a shocking scene of federal officials shooting a weapon banned from warfare at Americans.