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Пример словосочетания

electronic warfare Электронная война
guerrilla warfare Партизанская война
psychological warfare Психологическая война
trench warfare Позиционная война
warfare against Война против

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The Independent
· Fifa 21 removes celebrations to combat racist and ‘toxic’ behaviour  
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also recently removed the “OK” gesture from its list of emotes, amid fears that the signal could be used to communicate racist sentiments.
· India warns China's fighter jets 'don't come close' to New Delhi's as war of words erupts  
Rafale's top-of-the-line electronic warfare suite outguns any threat the China produces
The Independent
· Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors call for disarmament 75 years on from nuclear attacks  
Speaking all these years later, Mr Kakita says the memories of the hibakusha “send a powerful message to the leaders of the world to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and ban nuclear warfare altogether”.
Bleacher Report
· Backstage WWE Rumors: Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Factions and More  
In 1997, the company introduced gang warfare to its programming with The Nation of Domination, The Disciples of Apocalypse and Los Boriquas.
The Independent
· Lack of research into health impacts of police tear gas fired on protesters ‘deeply problematic’, medics say  
Tear gas was developed around the First World War and is banned in warfare by the Chemical Weapons Convention, ratified by almost every country in the world including the United States.
The New York Times
· America Stands Alone  
Nonfiction works, too; journalists chronicling the weapons’ horrifying power is one reason a nuclear weapon has never again been used in warfare, argues the Washington Post columnist George Will.
The Independent
· Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Study shows what would happen in London under a modern nuclear attack  
The military theory of mutually assured destruction (MAD), in which a nuclear attack by one superpower would be met with an overwhelming nuclear counter-attack, thus acting as a deterrent to nuclear warfare, is a hotly debated topic.
· Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout PS4 tips: How to win at new PS Plus game for August  
While Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign is undoubtedly the highest profile game on PS Plus this August, it's Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that's getting the most buzz from fans.
Washington Post
· Belarus Could Become Europe’s Next Nightmare  
But if the demonstrations were to become an all-out revolution, that would probably draw in Putin, in yet another round of hybrid warfare and geopolitical escalation that ultimately makes the EU look impotent.
The China Post
· Lack of study and oversight raises concerns about tear gas  
Tear gas was developed around World War I and is banned in warfare by the Chemical Weapons Convention, ratified by almost every country in the world including the United States.