Haberlerde Warfare

Örnek kollokasyonlar

electronic warfare Elektronik savaş
guerrilla warfare Gerilla savaşı
psychological warfare Psikolojik savaş
trench warfare Siper savaşı
warfare against Karşı savaş

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Diplomat
· Is the Chinese JH-7 an Answer to the Pakistan Air Force’s Deep Strike Needs?  
Armed with Meteor missiles and a highly sophisticated electronic warfare suite, New Delhi’s Rafale acquisition threatens to tilt the balance of power in South Asia in the IAF’s favor.
Seeking Alpha
· Elbit Systems (ESLT) CEO, Bezhalel Machlis on Q1 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Elbit Systems has been in the Israeli Defense Forces Electronic Warfare Center of Excellence for many decades and is developing the next generation of EW systems for the Israeli Air Force, Navy and ground forces.
The Independent
· Google removes apps pushing far-right QAnon conspiracy theory  
The QAnon conspiracy theories have also interlinked with false beliefs about the coronavirus with some suggesting that the disease is a cover so Trump can secretly arrest ‘deep state agents’ while others believe that COVID-19 is part of “spiritual warfare” where only those chosen by God will not be affected.
· If the coronavirus fight is a “war,” Trump has been a disastrous commander in chief  
“As the organization with legitimate use of force, the military has the power to defend society but also threaten it — so civilian leaders have a ‘right to be wrong’ in order to ensure civilian oversight of the military, which is critical to the functioning of a democracy,” Sara Plana, a warfare expert at MIT, told me.
The Guardian
· Britt Ekland: 'I was put through emotional and psychological warfare'  
“Well, I realised it wasn’t right – someone putting me through emotional and psychological warfare.”
The Guardian
· 10 of the best books about mountains – for a virtual climb  
Nuristan has since been the scene of intense guerrilla warfare and Taliban insurgency.
The New York Times
· The Brutal Clarity of the Trump-McConnell Plan to Protect Businesses  
The longer you look at it, the more Republican haste to reopen resembles sociopathic class warfare.
The Guardian
· CDC warns of aggressive cannibal rats facing shortage of garbage to eat  
Officials say rats have resorted to open warfare and eating their young as closures reduce edible waste
The New York Times
· By Air and Sea, Mercenaries Landed in Libya. Then the Plan Went South.  
A document obtained by the United Nations indicated that the promised aircraft included a Cobra attack helicopter and a LASA T-Bird, a crop duster adapted for reconnaissance and warfare.