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hurricane watch
keep watch
pocket watch
storm watch
watch list

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The New York Times
· Hong Kong's Opposition, Battered by Security Law, Looks to Elections  
Fernando Cheung, a veteran opposition lawmaker who is stepping down this year, reflected on that possibility as he watched protesters and ordinary civilians argue with the police who had blocked off a street during a demonstration against the new security law on July 1.
Seeking Alpha
· Li Auto IPO: NIO, Tesla And Nikola Need Not Worry, For Now  
Now if you feel like rushing to call your Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley broker, lead investment banks on the deal, we must warn you about certain risks that are worth watching out for:
Seeking Alpha
· The Fed Is Trapped In QE As Interest Rates Can't Rise Ever Again  
Unfortunately, given we now have a decade of experience of watching the “wealth gap” worsen under the Federal Reserve’s policies, the next decade will only see the “gap” widen.
Seeking Alpha
· 3 SPACs Score - CCXX, SPAQ, And HYAC  
Instead, steer clear, wait and watch and then short their stocks after they de-SPAC.
The Guardian
· Ready viewer one: from God of War to Red Dead, the games that deserve a TV show  
This is a wonderful time to be a person who prefers watching video games to playing them.
The Guardian
· Don't look now: Ocampos hits the spot to almost seal Sevilla's dream finish  
Stare fixed on the empty seats off to his right, the ball bent into the corner to his left, a touch of Magic Johnson or Michael Laudrup to it, a hint of Ronaldinho from the man who used to get up early to watch Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Guardian
· My streaming gem: why you should watch I Am Jonas  
I Am Jonas is one of those: a dark, atmospheric French drama I only stumbled upon because I was desperately looking for something I haven’t watched in Netflix’s LGBT category yet.
The Guardian
· Michael Glickman obituary  
Your mobile may cease to function, and your watch, and your compass; yet the moment you step outside, they instantly return to normal.
The Verge
· Apple AirPods Pro are more affordable than ever today at Woot  
Some technical mishaps made it so very few people actually got the free copy of Watch Dogs 2 on PC that was promised during Ubisoft’s Forward game presentation.
· Will Smith snub: Margot Robbie's X-rated put-down exposed amid Jada Pinkett affair  
Will Smith hit the headlines this week when his wife Jada Pinkett Smith revealed details of her affair with US singer August Alsina on the Facebook watch show ‘Red Table Talk’.