Haberlerde Water

Örnek kollokasyonlar

drinking water Içme suyu
fresh water Temiz su
water polo Su topu
water quality Su kalitesi
water supply Su tedarik etmek

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

BBC Sport
· Tianna Bartoletta: The 'big-ass step backwards' that won Olympic gold  
It's a fun line for me to walk - going from meditations, watching flowing water and relaxing to like, screaming in a gym trying to get the snatch off the ground.
The New York Times
· Classic Car Auctions Upended by Coronavirus  
Some traditional land-based auction houses have already tested those waters.
The New York Times
· A Virus-Hunter Falls Prey to a Virus He Underestimated  
So if he asked for water, or anything, I dropped what I was doing and got it immediately.
The Guardian
· 'Ban on bushmeat' after Covid-19 but what if alternative is factory farming?  
“Wet markets”, where water is sloshed on produce to keep it cool and fresh, may be considered unsanitary by western standards.
Financial Express
· Goa: 50 flight passengers test negative for coronavirus  
He said this SOP will be applicable to all those coming to Goa by flights, trains, road or water routes.
The Guardian
· Dive in: how Slim Aarons art directed the poolside summer  
A dress and a swimsuit forget the people completely: they’re covered with a print of Aaronsian turquoise pool water.
· When China went to war on endemic football corruption  
Xie later told a court that police tortured him with electric shocks, beat him and doused him with water during interrogation.
The Guardian
· Tuesday briefing: 'I don't regret what I did'  
Bank holiday brings water fatalities – Two people died in separate incidents along the Cornish coast on bank holiday Monday.
Financial Express
· Cyclone Amphan comes as blessing in disguise for lockdown-hit jobless labourers, electricians in West Bengal  
With a shortage of manpower to clear uprooted trees and restore power supply amid protests by people staying without electricity or water for more than five days, civic authorities in several affected areas have employed the labourers and electricians for restoration work.
The Age
· Huawei executive gets first chance at release in extradition fight  
US President Donald Trump muddied the legal waters further when he indicated early on that he might try to intervene in her case to boost a China trade deal.