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murder weapon
new weapon
nuclear weapon
weapon system
weapon systems

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The Guardian
· I Saw the World End review – how a bomb changed life on earth in a flash  
There are disturbing quotations from President Harry S Truman, who made the ultimate decision to use the new secret weapon against Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, about his hatred for “Chinese and Japs”.
Sports Illustrated
· Jacob Hollister, the Seahawks Forgotten Weapon  
In fact, Seattle hasn't really used a potential receiving weapon at fullback since Marcell Reece.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Hong Kong Immigration Dep’t refuses to explain months-long work visa delays for journalists  
The press club urged the authorities to explain the delays after several outlets reported issues: “The FCC opposes using journalists’ visas as a weapon in international disputes and also opposes taking action against journalists for the decisions made by their home countries,” they said.
Sports Illustrated
· Jon Gruden, Henry Ruggs on Being an Elite, Complete Receiver  
I asked Gruden about the Alabama comments and what they loved about their new weapon.
The Independent
· Three teenagers with AK-47 arrested for trespassing at Trump's Mar-a-Lago  
Teens dump backpack containing weapon they claim to have found
The China Post
· Court denies 2 appeals in Charlottesville rally beating  
Harris was punched and hit with weapons and left with a spinal injury, a broken arm and head lacerations that required eight staples.
The Independent
· Salman Rushdie asks Twitter to remove Islamophobic comments falsely attributed to him  
In the past, Rushdie has spoken out against “fake news”, accusing the White House of using digital misinformation as a weapon and claiming that “the entire force of the state is aimed against the fourth estate”.
The New York Times
· In Poland, the Rainbow Flag Is Wrapped Up in a Broader Culture War  
So when gay rights activists seized on the announcement by the European Union that it was blocking funds, the flag was their weapon of choice.
Sports Illustrated
· Three Things Hinckley Ropati Will Bring to the BYU Football Backfield  
Ropati is fast enough that his physicality, vision, and quickness will make him a weapon for BYU's offense.
Malay Mail
· Taiwan in talks to make first purchase of sophisticated US drones, say sources  
While the sale of the unmanned aerial vehicles has been tacitly authorized by the State Department, two of the people said, it is not known whether the US officials have approved exporting the drones with weapons attached, one of them said.