“Wear” in the news

Example collocations

allowed to wear
not wear
required to wear
wear and tear
wear black

Publications and example sentences

The Age
· Crown Perth restaurants to reopen but wheels won't roll on casino floor  
He didn't rule out the possibility patrons who wanted to gamble with cards and chips on blackjack tables, for example, wearing gloves if that meant those elements of the gaming floor could reopen sooner.
Japan Today
· U.S. cinema chain AMC warns it may not survive the pandemic  
It will also require employees — but not customers — to wear masks and will stagger showtimes to thin out crowds.
The New York Times
· Historic Wins for Women of Color as Nation Protests Systemic Racism  
As she waited for the election results on Tuesday night, she sat on a bench outside the Ferguson Community Empowerment Center, surrounded by a few supporters wearing face masks.
Japan Today
· Malaria drug fails to prevent COVID-19 in a rigorous study  
Boulware’s study involved 821 people in the United States and Canada living with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or at high risk of getting it because of their job -- doctors, nurses, ambulance workers who had significant exposure to a sick patient while not wearing full protective gear.
The Age
· Two Australian reporters assaulted and attacked during London protests  
Walsh initially feared the man may have been wearing an explosive vest and was trying to kill her on what was the third anniversary of the deadly London Bridge terrorist attack.
Seeking Alpha
· Stockwell Day out of Telus board after race comments  
The Canadian former politician said yesterday on CBC's Power & Politics that were was no systemic racial discrimination in Canada, and compared racism to his being teased in school for wearing glasses.
The New York Times
· Teaching Ideas and Resources to Help Students Make Sense of the George Floyd Protests  
But then it’s more of like, you know… “Wear a condom.
· Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19, large study finds  
For 2021, attendees will be encouraged to wear masks and avoid shaking hands.
Seeking Alpha
· RCI Hospitality Holdings: An Undervalued Company With An Unconventional Business  
The restaurants are characterized by a military theme where the waitresses wear uniforms and all the food and drinks have military names.
The Independent
· Nancy Pelosi joins protests over police killing of George Floyd  
Wearing a face mask, Ms Pelosi greeted protesters giving a thumbs up to some and waving to others.