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wear trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

allowed to wear được phép mặc
not wear không mặc
required to wear bắt buộc phải mặc
wear and tear hao mòn
wear black mặc màu đen

Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

· The Independent · Coronavirus: Worldwide deaths from Covid-19 pandemic pass 60,000
The US, perhaps influenced by the example of some Asian nations, has recommended that its citizens to wear masks or cover their faces in public.   Copy example sentence
· FRANCE 24 · Mask slips: U-turn as leaders tell public to cover their faces
Having told their populations that wearing masks was all but useless against the coronavirus, several Western countries have performed dramatic U-turns in the last few days.   Copy example sentence
· The Independent · Migrant boats carrying fifty people intercepted crossing English Channel
The spokesperson said Border Force and all operational staff were wearing the relevant personal protective equipment in line with Public Health England guidance during the coronavirus pandemic.   Copy example sentence
· The Guardian · Who decides what you wear? Meet fashion's formidable silent force
Federico Marchetti, CEO of Net-a-Porter, told Women’s Wear Daily in December that its 10 distribution centres worldwide total “almost 100 soccer fields in eight countries”.   Copy example sentence
· CNA · UAE extends coronavirus curfew and Saudi Arabia locks down parts of Jeddah
The UAE recommends that people wear masks when leaving home, a health ministry spokeswoman told a news conference broadcast on TV.   Copy example sentence
· CTV News ·
To wear or not to wear?   Copy example sentence