Wear trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

allowed to wear Được phép mặc
not wear Không mặc
required to wear Bắt buộc phải mặc
wear and tear Hao mòn
wear black Mặc màu đen

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

The Independent
· Government issues e-scooter rules as trials begin in UK  
They are also recommended to wear cycle helmets, but this is not a legal requirement.
The New York Times
· ‘We’re Not an Island’: Rural Outbreaks Challenge Oregon’s Virus Success  
Ms. Brown has ordered Oregonians to wear masks in public buildings, starting July 1.
Malay Mail
· Indonesian president sees new Covid-19 peak in Aug-Sept, reports Antara  
Meanwhile, the government is considering sanctions for people who are violating health protocols such as not wearing masks in public places.
Washington Post
· It was supposed to be a pregnancy full of travel. Instead, I spent it in lockdown.  
I’ll explain why, in the pictures from this time, our hair was really, really long and we sometimes wore masks.
· Hong Kong reimposes social distancing as virus cases spike  
Hong Kong reimposed social distancing measures on Monday to combat a sudden spike in coronavirus infections, banning more than four people from gathering in public and requiring passengers to wear face masks on public transport or risk a US$650 fine.
Bleacher Report
· The Clippers' Big Chance  
The Clippers locker room wrestled with whether to sit out in protest; eventually, they decided to wear their warm-up gear inside out to show their disgust with playing for Sterling.
· Lisa Riley weight loss: Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle dropped 12 stone with these diet tricks  
The star wore a size 28 for years and has talked about how she convinced herself she was “fat but happy”.
Al Jazeera
· US to resume federal executions after 17-year hiatus  
The agency has put a number of additional measures in place, including temperature checks and requiring witnesses to wear masks.
Washington Post
· Outer Banks island ravaged by storms and virus restrictions  
But he said he was a little “freaked out” at times by the lack of mask wearing on parts of Ocracoke compared to what he sees back home.
Sports Illustrated
· West Virginia Set to Officially Add JUCO Guard  
Johnson also told Mountaineer Maven that he plans on wearing No.