Haberlerde When

Örnek kollokasyonlar

especially when Özellikle ne zaman
even when Bile olsa
occurs when Ne zaman olur
only when Yalnızca
time when Zaman ne zaman

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The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Kindred’s Recipe for Charred Squid With Ajo Blanco and Cilantro Pistou  
WHEN JOE AND KATY KINDRED opened their eponymous restaurant in Davidson, N.C., 8 months ago, they figured they’d slowly develop a local following.
· Elon Musk’s SpaceX to test Starship aimed to send HUMANS to Mars  
He also tweeted: “When space travel becomes as common as air travel, the future of civilisation will be assured.”
· Call of Duty Modern Warfare update time for HUGE COD Warzone Season 5 patch download  
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 5 is launching in the next 24-hours and we now know more about when this will be happening for gamers on PC and consoles.
· Richard Branson space-bound in early 2021 says Virgin Galactic  
These exploits brought Branson close to tragedy in 1998 when he and his co-pilot had to ditch their balloon in the Pacific Ocean after low pressure forced the craft down.
Financial Express
· Diesel sales fall amid new wave of lockdowns; normalcy unlikely in near future  
It’s a stark reversal from the previous couple of months when rebounding sales of the fuel were heralded as evidence the economy was on the mend following the world’s biggest national lockdown.
· Jittery Hong Kong authors seek Taiwan safety after security law  
Liu, who runs Alone Publishing as a one-man operation, said it signalled an ironic switch for Hong Kong, which previously served as a publishing haven for Taiwanese literature when the island endured decades of authoritarian rule.
Financial Express
· COVID-19 impact: Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ inside and outside our homes  
Though we were all taken aback and angered when the news broke raising a doubt about its being a man made calamity, as always, wisdom prevailed and we moved on, since it was time for action and caution.
Chiang Rai Times
· Father Trains his 16 Children, Including 9 Daughters in Muay Thai Boxing  
For three decades Nopparit, 54, has coached his children – the eldest is 32 – in Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, starting when they were in diapers.
· Google Maps: Terrifying ‘alien abduction’ spotted in back garden  
Sometimes when viewing somewhere in satellite mode, Google can often face trouble.
Washington Post
· 3 men rescued from Pacific island after writing SOS in sand  
The men had been missing in the Micronesia archipelago for nearly three days when their distress signal was spotted Sunday on uninhabited Pikelot Island by searchers on Australian and U.S. aircraft, the Australian defense department said Monday.