“Whether” in the news

Example collocations

decide whether
determine whether
question of whether
unclear whether
whether or not

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Tales of the river bed: A strange Saturday night on the banks of the Thames  
Mr Shapps, delighted to take a non-Dom question, replied: “Whether somebody travels to Dublin or somebody travels to London, the same essential quarantine system would apply.”
The Independent
· Men's grooming guide: From clippers to moisturisers, everything you need  
Either way, it's more than likely your typical grooming habits have changed since the start of the pandemic, depending on whether you have more, or less, hair.
Japan Today
· Kitakyushu declares it is in 2nd wave of coronavirus  
But, the governor said he would like to await analysis by the ministry's response team before deciding whether to end restrictions as scheduled.
The Age
· Where to get tested for coronavirus in Queensland  
More details on the symptoms of coronavirus and whether a person should get tested are available on the Queensland Health website.
The Guardian
· Germany rallied to save women's football – the FA should be embarrassed  
Regardless of whether they should be playing competitively now, or with more time to ease players back in, the Frauen Bundesliga’s return alongside the men should be welcomed.
The New York Times
· In George Floyd’s Death, a Police Technique Results in a Too-Familiar Tragedy  
John Elder, a spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, did not respond to a query about whether the knee restraint used by Officer Chauvin corresponded to those guidelines.
The New York Times
· Who Will Own the Cars That Drive Themselves?  
The best way to protect yourself from coronavirus — whether it’s surface transmission or close human contact — is still social distancing, washing your hands, not touching your face and wearing masks.
Yonhap News
· Summary of external news of North Korea this week  
------------UNC says it cannot determine whether N.K.
The Age
· Red light: Australian MotoGP cancelled  
MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports had been debating whether any events outside of Europe could be run after November as the pandemic has put the season on hold until at least July.
BBC Sport
· Lionel Messi: Barcelona and Argentina star's iconic moments  
If you can believe it, there was a time when people questioned whether Messi could do it against English clubs in Europe.