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during which time Hangi zaman boyunca
reorganisation which came Gelen yeniden yapılanma
series which aired Yayınlanan dizi
species which occur Meydana gelen türler
team which won Kazanan takım

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The Age
· Inflatables and billboards bring art to locked-down city  
A Melbourne-based artist and descendant of the Barkindji people of north-western NSW, Morris is a finalist in the prestigious NATSIAA Awards and head of The Torch, a program for Indigenous people in prison which helps them reconnect with their culture through art.
· Doctor Who plot hole: Eagle-eyed fans spot major flaw with clones in New Earth episode  
Over the years, Doctor Who has wowed fans with the magic and the surprise and recently the show's stunt coordinator Crispin Layfield, revealed which of the Doctors was less keen on doing their own stunts.
Washington Post
· Facebook, citing virus misinformation, deletes Trump post  
The post in question featured a link to a Fox News video in which Trump says children are “virtually immune” to the virus.
Malay Mail
· MP says curious if MACC, AGC don’t prosecute Mara graft case after Australia files charges  
According to the SMH report, the charges against Teen came five years after a joint investigation by the daily and its sister publication The Age, which exposed the price of the property having been allegedly inflated by A$4.75 million (RM14,362,061) in order to pay kickbacks to a group of Malaysian officials.
Malay Mail
· Ringgit climbs to five-month high vs greenback  
AxiCorp chief global market strategist Stephen Innes said from a real yield perspective, Malaysian government securities’ are standout, likely powering the ringgit demand, which is catching a tailwind from rising oil prices and the local unit's stable beta to the Chinese renminbi.
The Japan Times
· Facebook launches new TikTok clone called Instagram Reels  
The Instagram “Story” feature, which lets people share photos and videos that expire in 24 hours, is similar to Snapchat.
The Guardian
· How did President Trump get his pandemic response so wrong?  
The death rate, which has now passed over 160,000, is the highest in the world and continues to rise.
The Age
· Is Lynette Wallworth our most influential filmmaker?  
She is also scripting a podcast called Engineering Consciousness, which will explore the unique blend of culture, science and cutting-edge technology that is the hallmark of her film-making, with a focus on the rituals of death and what we think happens next.
· Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares lemon hack to clean glass and mirrors  
It also smells great which cleaning products often don’t so can leave your home smelling fresh for hours.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus Australia map: tracking new cases, Covid-19 stats and live data by state  
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