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· Remainer Lords tried every trick in the book to STOP Brexit – now Boris wants MORE peers  
Unelected and accountable to no-one you can just trip-up the poor MPs (those hapless saps who actually had to go out and win the public's vote to wield power over us) at will.
· The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration Of Southern Rap (2015-2019)  
But Barter 6 marks a pivotal moment in his career, finally on the other side of label troubles, as he was trying to figure out how exactly to wield his not-so-secret weapon.
The Age
· 'He's given us his word': Tigers probe Maguire over Cowboys rumours  
In Maguire's defence, his players have responded each time he has wielded the axe, however the impact hasn't been long lasting enough to change a culture of mediocrity that has developed at the Tigers over the past decade.
The Atlantic
· Boycotts Can’t Be a Test of Moral Purity  
Additionally, consumer politics is certainly less complicated than actually wielding power.
Washington Post
· The Technology 202: Congressional fight over funding for digital learning could leave behind as many as 15 million kids  
But the removal highlights the deep tension between Google and developers who say that the tech giant wields too much control.
· Citi’s New Credit Card Perk Gives Amazon Edge in Winning Big Orders  
It may also give the retailer another edge on competitors, emerging just days after Congress held a hearing to examine the clout that the company and other tech giants wield in U.S. commerce.
The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
The extraordinary clout he wielded in London and Dublin was matched in Brussels and, especially, Washington, where he became so able to influence policymaking that Senator Edward Kennedy, one of his most powerful patrons, described him as the 101st senator.
The New Republic
· The Occult, Terrorizing Politics of QAnon  
Any sign QAnon can see can be bent to the movement’s core belief system: the federal agents snatching people from the streets, uprisings and riots, censorship from tech companies wielding unfettered power, a flood of indictments, notorious sex trafficking trials, suspicious deaths.
The New Republic
· How to Save Congress From Itself  
It broadly concludes that congressional leadership wields too much power, that fundraising and contributions have too much influence, and that lawmakers spend too little time building relationships with one another.
Sports Illustrated
· Cole ready to make Yankees home debut against Phillies  
One thing Cole probably envisioned, however, was Aaron Judge wielding a hot bat.