“Wildfire” in the news

Publications and example sentences

Washington Post
· After the Beirut blasts, the Lebanese diaspora is left between helplessness and guilt  
Kareem Chehayeb: Lebanon’s protests and wildfires tell the same grim story
· World's three hottest Julys happened in the last five years  
The heat has also been linked with wildfires that have been scorching patches of Siberian forest and permafrost since mid-June.
The New York Times
· This Is Inequity at the Boiling Point  
Australia shattered its summer heat records as wildfires, fueled by prolonged drought, turned the sky fever red.
The Independent
· Climate crisis: Out-of-control wildfires in Arctic circle released more CO2 in two months than whole of 2019  
Out-of-control wildfires north of the Arctic Circle have released more dangerous greenhouse gases in two months than all of the fires last year combined, scientists have said.
· New York City sets up quarantine checkpoints to stop COVID-19 spread  
Andrew Cuomo’s travel order, which requires people who have spent at least 24 hours in the dozens of states (and Puerto Rico) where the coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in the area.
· Climate change to bring longer droughts in Europe: study  
With just 1C of warming so far, Earth is already buffeted by record-breaking droughts, wildfires and super storms made more potent by rising sea levels.
The New Republic
· Utility Companies’ Deadly Addiction to Profit  
That agreement, in turn, was contingent on PG&E helping to compensate some 70,000 wildfire victims for $13.5 billion in losses.