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following the withdrawal Çekilmeyi takiben
withdrawal agreement Para çekme anlaşması
withdrawal of all Hepsinin geri çekilmesi
withdrawal symptoms Yoksunluk belirtileri

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The Verge
· President Trump withdraws FCC renomination after 5G controversy  
The withdrawal comes less than a week after Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) placed a hold on the nomination over concerns about O’Rielly’s position on a recently approved terrestrial 5G network.
Yonhap News
· Most S. Koreans support alliance with U.S. despite tensions: poll  
The survey, conducted on 1,000 adults in South Korea from June 23-25, also found that a unilateral withdrawal of American troops from South Korea is likely to undermine public support for the alliance.
· Brussels FINALLY understands Boris Johnson won't compromise to seal Brexit deal  
Naively they had become accustomed to negotiating with his predecessor, Theresa May, who essentially handed the pen to Brussels during the drafting of the Withdrawal Agreement.
· Liang Eng Hwa urges LTA to seek better solution after 'drastic changes' to some Bukit Panjang-city bus services  
Mr Liang's comments follow concerns raised by residents of the upcoming withdrawal of services 700 and 700A and changes to services 171 and 972.
· Pension: Warning as withdrawal could mean Britons ‘outlive’ their savings  
“It’s imperative that pension providers help their customers develop a sustainable withdrawal strategy and caution against spending their retirement savings on unnecessary expenses.
The Guardian
· Who else would be more useless as a peer? They're in, said Boris  
The least he could do after first stitching up the DUP over Northern Ireland in the Brexit withdrawal agreement and then calling a general election in which the DUP leader had lost his seat.
· ISIS Attack On Afghan Prison Leaves At Least 29 Dead  
The United States signed a peace deal with the Taliban earlier this year, and U.S. and NATO forces are beginning their withdrawal.
· Britons will demand ‘MORE’ freedom from EU after experiencing Boris Johnson's Brexit deal  
He said once the flaws of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Treaty are fully understood, despite Boris Johnson’s attempts to break free from the agreements ironed out in its political declaration, people will seek to further break away from the bloc.
· Borrowing from Your 401k During COVID? Know the Risks First.  
If none of the above options apply, and you’re in a real financial emergency, borrowing from the 401k definitely beats making a hardship withdrawal.
The Guardian
· FCA considers 180-day wait for property fund withdrawals  
M&G’s UK property fund – previously worth £2.5bn – was forced to ban customers withdrawals in December 2019, following a surge in redemptions by investors worried about Brexit and the retail downturn.