Within trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

lies within Nằm trong
located within Nằm trong
within a few Trong một vài
within the city Trong pham vi thành phố
within the genus Trong chi

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Seeking Alpha
· Our Stalwart European Oil Picks  
Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
Malay Mail
· Tanker off Yemen risks spilling four times as much oil as Exxon Valdez, says UN  
“The UN team can deploy within three weeks of receiving all the necessary permits,” he said, adding that experts say eventually “extracting the oil is probably the only way to remove the threat of a spill from the 44-year-old tanker for good.”
The New York Times
· North Macedonia Election Returns No Clear Winner  
While Mr. Zaev has been praised as a statesman outside the country, within North Macedonia he divides opinion, partly because of a step his government took to end its diplomatic isolation: adding the word “North” to the country’s name, a move that reassured Greece that its neighbor no longer harbored any secret claims over the Greek region also named Macedonia.
The China Post
· Biden, Gates, other Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam  
The Biden campaign, for instance, said that Twitter’s integrity team “locked down the account within a few minutes of the breach and removed the related tweet.”
Bleacher Report
· NASCAR All-Star Open 2020 Results: Almirola Headlines All-Star Race Qualifiers  
That was notable considering Wallace has made plenty of fans for his fight against systemic racism and for progress within his sport.
The Independent
· Boris Johnson confirms plans to move part of government to York  
Several MPs have suggested elected officials may be forced out by a calamity, rather than as scheduled, with an April report highlighting nearly 30 incidents which could have led to a fire within the past five years.
Washington Post
· Colombia: Illegal groups using violence to enforce lockdowns  
“There is a genuine fear of an outbreak within their ranks,” Vivanco said.
Sports Illustrated
· Chemistry Galore: Mavs Practice Notebook from Orlando  
THREE-HOUR SESSIONS: Within the three-hour practice window, the Mavs now generally do some individual work, engage in a lot of shooting and play five-on-five.
The Independent
· Trump overhauls Nixon-era environmental law that minority communities rely on to fight polluters  
Within days of the DAPL decision, the Supreme Court upheld an order by a district court that cited NEPA in shutting down construction on the Keystone pipeline, another blow for President Trump.