“Without” in the news

Example collocations

died without
left without
not without
without having
without success

Publications and example sentences

Malay Mail
· Thuram, Plea dazzle in Gladbach rout of Union  
Promoted Union have now gone six games without a win to drop down to 14th, four points above the relegation playoff spot.
Malay Mail
· US workers face an unequal future when coronavirus recedes  
But “lower skilled workers... are taking on more risk without more pay.”
Malay Mail
· Troops, police clamp down in US cities as unrest over racism flares  
President Donald Trump blamed anarchists and far-left activists for the violence, threatening to officially designate one group as terrorists, while local leaders appealed to citizens to give constructive outlet to their rage without destroying their communities.
· Spurred by George Floyd's death, protesters resist having peaceful message hijacked  
Walz had also suggested without evidence that some of the rioting may have been directed by white supremacist groups or drug cartels.
Malay Mail
· La Liga announces fixtures as season re-start looms large  
As in the Bundesliga, which earlier in May became the first major European league to start up again after being disrupted by the pandemic, all La Liga matches until the end of the season will take place without spectators.
Malay Mail
· Journalists covering US protests find themselves under attack  
“Authorities in cities across the US need to instruct police not to target journalists and ensure they can report safely on the protests without fear of injury or retaliation,” said a statement from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
Malay Mail
· Brazil’s Bolsonaro rallies supporters as US sends unproven drug  
Protected by bodyguards, he approached the crowd without touching them, although he did pick up two children and put them on his shoulders, and briefly mounted a police horse, to the crowd’s delight.
Malay Mail
· Australia’s stalled migrant boom derails golden economic run  
So critical is migration to Australia that analysts reckon the economy would have slipped into a recession last year without new arrivals to boost population growth.
The Guardian
· UK manufacturing leaders call for emergency bailout  
Britain’s foremost manufacturing group – which represents 20,000 companies of all sizes in engineering, manufacturing, technology and the wider industrial sector – said highly skilled jobs and critical supply chains across all regions of the country were at risk without direct support from the state.
Malay Mail
· Petty traders staring at ruin as Covid-19, MCO lay waste to businesses  
“It is fortunate that the moratorium on loans came to be, at least without having to pay their obligations during this time, many of my association members can scrape by.