Witness trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

bear witness Làm chứng
expert witness Nhân chứng chuyên gia
key witness Nhân chứng chính
witness against Nhân chứng chống lại
witness protection Bảo vệ nhân chứng

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Liverpool Echo
· Police issue update on men left fighting for life after brawl outside Shankly Hotel  
“This incident clearly involved a large number of people, and we know from witness accounts and footage already obtained that there were a lot of bystanders and a number of vehicles passing when it happened.
The Independent
· Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors call for disarmament 75 years on from nuclear attacks  
In the decades after the survivors’ movement took off, hibakusha travelled widely around the globe to speak about what they had witnessed.
Financial Express
· Microsoft India’s Keshave Dhakad on the need for security in the time of Covid-19  
While we have witnessed the benefits of technology, the spike in remote work has made the security profile of organizations and users alike, more vulnerable.
Washington Post
· ‘See you in court’: ACLU files nearly 400 cases versus Trump  
As president, Trump hasn’t personally squared off against the ACLU from the witness stand, but the broader warning has been borne out.
· Worried parents have become an easy target for online misinformation in this pandemic  
Since the uncertainty about the upcoming school year set in this summer, I’ve witnessed a steady stream of unsourced and unvetted information circulating among parents who are trying their best to make huge, anxiety-filled, life-altering decisions about school and day care.
Seeking Alpha
· DBO: Long-Term Consolidation Looms Ahead In Crude Oil  
Indeed, inventories data has tended to be a lagging indicator on price, as witnessed between 2015-2016 when crude oil mounted strong recovery rallies well ahead of the peak in inventories:
Bleacher Report
· NHL Playoffs 2020: Updated Postseason Picture and Stanley Cup Bracket  
The Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild kick off Thursday's slate in a series that has witnessed one shutout and a high-scoring affair so far.
· Death in Paradise: How did Richard Poole die?  
He added: “It got the worst reviews of anything I've ever been involved in.“People were expecting Silent Witness or Scandi-noir, and it's pretty much... that's what's clever about it, it's pretty much the opposite of all of those things.”
Financial Express
· Sensex, Nifty end with gains; total market capitalization of BSE firms back to pre-covid levels  
During the March mayhem that equity markets witnessed, BSE’s M-Cap dived down to as low as Rs 101 lakh crore.
The Independent
· Lack of research into health impacts of police tear gas fired on protesters ‘deeply problematic’, medics say  
But during the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have sometimes been using it offensively, including against peaceful protesters, children, and pregnant women, without providing an escape route or piling on excessive amounts of gas, witnesses and human rights advocates say.