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Örnek kollokasyonlar

spoken word Konuşulan kelime
word meaning Kelime anlamı
word of mouth Ağızdan ağıza
word order Kelime sırası
word Kelime “

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Seeking Alpha
· 3M Company (MMM) CEO Michael Roman on UBS Global Industrials and Transportation Conference Transcript  
It's really, really -- transformation is an overused word in the world of business but it's very appropriate for what we've been doing.
Seeking Alpha
· Louisiana-Pacific Corp. Is Fairly Priced  
The words “at the right price” are critically important in my view.
The Atlantic
· A Nation Without Law, Order, or Justice  
In other words, in 2017, the Trump administration took a provision of the law passed to prevent both riots and police brutality, crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash.
The Guardian
· Thousands gather in London for George Floyd protest  
Words do not describe how I feel about what is happening in the US.
The Guardian
· Irish MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan caught with no trousers in EU debate  
Flanagan discussed CAP subsidies and the pace of convergence but viewers may not have been focusing on his words.
The Independent
· Help the Hungry: The women suffering with 'no escape' during lockdown  
“If you’re on lockdown and you want to call your mum but can’t because he’s listening to every word, you feel blocked in.
The New York Times
· Venice Glimpses a Future With Fewer Tourists, and Likes What It Sees  
Venice, which gave the world the word quarantine during a prior pandemic, has undergone many transformations in its roughly 1,500-year history.
Seeking Alpha
· eBay Classifieds Will Potentially Convert Prosus Or Adevinta Into An International Classifieds Monster  
In other words, for Adevinta, the deal might be a little more important than for Prosus (if that is even possible).
The New York Times
· Italians Rediscover Their Museums, With No Tourists in Sight  
In an interview, Anna Coliva, the director of the Borghese Gallery, also used the word “disaster” to describe the loss of revenue at the gallery, which can now allow 400 visitors a day instead of 2,000.