“Work” in the news

Example collocations

began work
continued to work
not work
whose work
work together

Publications and example sentences

The Economist
· Viral marketing: Indonesia’s president has a new rival  
The gambit may work.
· 57 Buffalo officers resign from special squad  
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman released a statement on Monday stating “we do not tolerate hate, racism, and violence, and while we have work to do to fight these on our platform, our values are clear.”
· Want to know where all those corporate donations for #BLM are going? Here's the list.  
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that his company would be donating $10 million “to groups working on racial justice.” He said the company is “working with our civil rights advisors and our employees to identify organizations locally and nationally that could most effectively use this right now.”
· Transcript: Talking to Kids About Racism  
That's a message that works for either white children or black children, or children of other groups.
The New York Times
· Grace Edwards, Harlem Mystery Writer, Dies at 87  
“There is both gentility at work here and a tougher, bluesier voice,” the novelist Robert Ward wrote in reviewing “In the Shadow of the Peacock” in The New York Times Book Review in 1988.
The Verge
· How to hide faces and scrub metadata when you photograph a protest  
This is great because it works on all devices, mobile and desktop.
The Independent
· Will black lives ever matter in America?  
The work contains a separate piece for each of the 46 years he headed the organisation, along with some of his best-known quotes.
Bleacher Report
· Jorge Masvidal on UFC Fight Negotiations: 'If I'm Not Worth It, Let Me Go'  
Everybody getting back to work and you buying an island.
The China Post
· Reddit co-founder leaves board, urges black replacement  
He also said Reddit was working with moderators to explicitly address hate speech.
The Verge
· The Premier League is returning with virtual crowd noise from FIFA games  
The English Premier league is set to restart in the coming weeks, and Sky Sports is working with EA Sports’ FIFA division to create simulated chants and crowd noises designed for specific teams.