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around the world Dünya çapında
throughout the world Dünya çapında
world champion Dünya şampiyonu
world premiere Dünya galası
world record Dünya rekoru

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The Age
· Groundbreaking study finds significant brain changes in league players  
Some of the world's foremost sport concussion experts, such as the University of Newcastle's Dr Andrew Gardner and Harvard's Dr Grant Iverson, used hi-tech magnetic resonance imaging to reach the groundbreaking findings.
The Age
· 'There's a real vibe': Sydneysiders flock to holiday towns for long weekend of freedom  
In the Blue Mountains, major attractions such as Scenic World in Katoomba remain closed, but hotels and restaurants are full to bursting.
The Age
· Why so defensive? The Australian ego is fragile on the question of racism  
Sometimes it feels like the world’s misery and violence has moved from news to content – something to be consumed and regurgitated on social media, always through the lens of our own ego.
The Age
· Value capture: adored by academics and despised by developers, its time may have finally come  
A Sydney Metro spokesman said the government has already recouped more than $1 billion from selling the air rights above the Martin Place, Pitt Street, Waterloo and Victoria Cross stations, and that the model has attracted interest from around the world.
The Age
· There's more to activism than Instagram black squares  
Due to international datelines, Instagram's Blackout Tuesday ended up running over two days in Australia last week, as more than 27 million people around the world posted their black squares, effectively dominating Instagram feeds.
The Age
· 'Miracle' baby dies after 'lotus birth' at Melbourne Hospital  
It was hoped the practice, called a lotus birth, would ease their long-awaited baby’s transition into the world, boosting her immunity and helping her to be calmer, after an emergency caesarean section.
The Age
· 'Forgotten': Gippslanders still finding their way after the fires  
Haunting and apocalyptic images of Mallacoota burning on New Year's Eve were broadcast across the world but in the months following, there is a sense of a community that feels forgotten as attention shifted to the COVID-19 crisis.
The Age
· Injecting room recognises what life is like in the real world  
As an addiction medicine specialist, I live in the world as it is, not how others might wish it to be.
The China Post
· Coronavirus disrupts global fight to save endangered species  
Around the world, government resources diverted to pandemic efforts have opened opportunities for illegal land clearing and poaching.
Seeking Alpha
· Poking The Inflation Monster - The Parts Of The Beast  
Oil prices literally bottomed as the whole world bought into the silly notion that producers with large operating costs will produce oil and pay people $100 to take that barrel away.