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rates would not Las tasas no lo harían
what would become En qué se convertiría
what would eventually Lo que eventualmente
what would happen Qué pasaría
what would later Que mas tarde

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The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Kindred’s Recipe for Charred Squid With Ajo Blanco and Cilantro Pistou  
“We knew we wanted to make an impact, but we didn’t know it would be on a national scale,” said Mr. Kindred, who is the chef, while his wife serves as sommelier and manages the front of house.
Malay Mail
· Singapore Elections Department debunks claims of self-inking pens not working properly  
SINGAPORE, July 10 — The Elections Department (ELD) has debunked false claims that the self-inking pens provided at polling booths do not stamp properly and this would render many votes invalid.
The Guardian
· Friday briefing: Working out and staying out as lockdown eases  
The court ruled against the president’s argument that he was entitled to sweeping immunity that would keep his finances secret.
BBC Sport
· More than 160 cases of coaches engaging in legal sexual activity with teens, FOI request shows  
A Freedom of Information request by BBC Sport to all councils in England and Wales found that, in the last four years, 1,481 cases were recorded involving sexual activity with a 16- or 17-year-old by a person potentially in a position of trust that would not fall under the Sexual Offences Act.
Financial Express
· Proud of India for standing up to Chinese aggression: US Senator  
A top US Senator has praised the Indian government for standing up to Chinese aggression in a border dispute, hoping this would prompt other countries to be fearless in their handling of China.
Financial Express
· Risk Management: How to manage your risks while investing money  
If we had to define risk in plain terms, there would be the possibility of an unwanted outcome.
· Japan urges nightclubs to act to stem COVID-19 spikes  
He did not elaborate on exactly what steps he wants the clubs to take but said he would meet experts and chiefs of the nightlife districts later on Friday to decide on measures.
The Guardian
· Scott Morrison says Australia will halve rate of international arrivals during coronavirus crisis  
The prime minister acknowledged “it will be more difficult” for Australians to return home when the decision of national cabinet comes into force on Monday, but defended it on the basis that halving arrivals would allow health authorities to focus resources on contact tracing and testing for Covid-19.
Malay Mail
· Long lines as Singaporeans vote during pandemic  
While officials had hoped it would take voters no more than five minutes to cast their ballot, lines formed initially outside some polling stations, where people said they waited up to an hour.
The Age
· A fall or a stumble? Daniel Andrews takes a hit from the second surge  
And why would they when the government has enjoyed so much electoral success?