Would trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

rates would not Giá sẽ không
what would become Những gì sẽ trở thành
what would eventually Cuối cùng thì sao
what would happen Chuyện gì sẽ xảy ra
what would later Những gì sau này

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ

The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Kindred’s Recipe for Charred Squid With Ajo Blanco and Cilantro Pistou  
“We knew we wanted to make an impact, but we didn’t know it would be on a national scale,” said Mr. Kindred, who is the chef, while his wife serves as sommelier and manages the front of house.
Malay Mail
· Japan urges nightclubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes  
He said he would meet experts and chiefs of the nightlife districts later today to decide on other measures.
The China Post
· AP: After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4B in virus aid  
Without this preferential treatment, many Catholic dioceses would have been ineligible because — between their head offices, parishes and other affiliates — their employees exceed the 500-person cap.
The Age
· Two worlds collided: I married a modernist  
When I look at shoes I ask myself “What would Ray Eames wear?” Culturally, Modernism changes you.
BBC Sport
· Champions League quiz: Can you name the all-time top scorers?  
The draw for the rest of the tournament is being made on Friday, so we thought we would test your knowledge of past competitions.
Washington Post
· Thursday Sports in Brief  
“Due to the number of positive tests, the club has been unable to train since arriving in Orlando and would not be able to play matches,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said in a statement.
Washington Post
· Polanco’s push; Pirates RF ready to shake injury bug in 2020  
Yet he feels much better than he did in 2019, when the second baseman would sometimes seem to run halfway out to the Clemente Wall in right field to shorten the throws Polanco was required to make.
· Rishi Sunak's plan NOT value for money says civil servant -row breaks out inside Whitehall  
“It has proved difficult to establish a counterfactual for this scheme, which depends on the overall cost of the scheme and the number of extra jobs it would protect both of which are currently highly uncertain,” he said.
The Guardian
· Wild bison to return to UK for first time in 6,000 years  
But, he said, “if we absolutely had to, we would cull animals as a last resort”.
The Guardian
· Arkansas review – buddy crime caper with 90s flavour and 70s clobber  
If the year were 1999, Arkansas would have a good shot at nabbing a special jury prize at Sundance and perhaps the cover of Neon magazine.