Haberlerde Wound

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bullet wound Kurşun yarası
gunshot wound Kurşun yarası
wound down Yaralamak
wound healing Yara iyileşmesi
wound up Yaralamak

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Washington Post
· Deadly Taliban attack adds to despair over faltering Afghan peace process  
KABUL — The news footage from a remote northern city Monday showed only the rubble that remained, hours after a Taliban car bomb and gun attack left 11 Afghan intelligence workers dead and at least 60 civilians wounded.
· Queen of the South season 5: Who is out to get Teresa? James' warning explained  
At the end of Queen of the South season four, after being missing from the majority of the series, James Valdez (played by Peter Gadiot) drove to the warehouse with blood wound to his abdomen.
· Benjamin Keough: Who was Elvis' grandson? Mum Lisa Marie 'adored' him  
At the moment the cause of death has not been confirmed, but TMZ, a news site in the USA, reported Benjamin took his own life in California, Calabasas, and died of a “self-inflicted gun shot wound.”
The China Post
· Wait ’til next year: Giving up on 2020, looking toward 2021  
They wound up having a microwedding June 6.
Washington Post
· Gunmen ambush Pakistani troops in SW, killing 3, wounding 8  
It said the dead and wounded troops were transported to a military hospital in the city of Quetta, and five of the wounded were listed in a critical condition.
The Independent
· Deadly clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalate with seven troops reported dead  
Armenia previously reported five of its troops wounded.
The New York Times
· Three Marines, Now a Focus of Russian Bounties Investigation, Show the Costs of an Endless War  
The cascade of news stories that followed the disclosure of intelligence reports regarding the Russian bounties has been like “pouring salt on the wound,” said Jason Rina, a friend of Sergeant Slutman, who spent five years working with him at the Cross Bronx Expressway, the name of their New York firehouse.
Sports Illustrated
· The Top 25 Alabama Sports Illustrated Covers  
At the pinnacle of his sport after leading Alabama to its first national title in 17 years—a 37-21 victory over a wounded Texas team in the BCS championship game last Thursday night at the Rose Bowl—Saban reminded us that those best equipped to win championships are often the least equipped to celebrate them.
· Why Is Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson's Alleged Breakup So Heartbreaking To Me?  
If we weren't in the midst of a pandemic, the news that a wealthy and attractive celebrity couple had split likely wouldn't wound me to my core: as it is, though, I'm near tears.
The Verge
· Peacock’s not-so-secret ingredient in the streaming wars is its free tier  
Hulu tried to do it more than a decade ago but wound up getting rid of its free basic tier because the company figured out it wasn’t getting much value from giving away a ton of content on an ad-supported tier.