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The Age
· Why Lachie Swinton could be Australia's wildest rugby player  
It’s hard to know if the mirror yarn has been fabricated but no one can question Swinton’s tough streak and potential for higher honours.
· Dark on Netflix: 5 shows to watch if you like Dark  
Much like Coben’s other stories, viewers can expect a twisty yarn as Pawel tries to get to the truth amid a possible cover-up.
The Age
· Eyes on a couple of new prizes for writing about history  
But if you’re a woman with a cracking crime yarn, there’s still time to enter the Scarlet Stilettos: the closing date is at the end of August.
· Artist Brian Rochefort, the “Bad Boy of Ceramics,” Joins Kris Van Assche at Berluti  
So too in a beautiful sweater with a patchwork riot of different colors and yarns, and a shoe more restrainedly applied with a patina patterned to replicate a Rochefort bubbling.
· Knitting: A beginner's guide in 2020  
In its most basic form, knitting requires a pair of needles and high quality yarn that won’t fray or tear.
The Independent
· Finding the Way Back review: Ben Affleck shines in muddled addiction drama  
Finding the Way Back is a strange concoction – a pained portrait of alcoholism thrust into the middle of a rousing sports yarn.