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Seeking Alpha
· Locusts, COVID-19, Human Rights: All Impact Cotton  
Lower oil prices mean lower prices for the synthetic yarns that can replace cotton in a garment or other textile.
The Guardian
· Top 10 books about probation  
A badass with iron-clad boundaries, job-sick Kathy is the foil to the maniacal Bob in Leonard’s madcap yarn.
The Guardian
· 'A failure of our system': inside a damning take on the Great Recession  
Later episodes expand the net (at times literally panning a corkboard of pictures webbed by yarn) from Polk’s intersection with mortgage fraud, to mortgage fraud’s origin in the savings and loan financial crisis of the 1980s, to the housing market bubble, to Wall Street’s investment in the housing bubble’s junk mortgages, to pensions tied up in mortgage-backed securities – all of which ultimately funded an obscene bonus culture amid the top ranks of wealthy firms, who made off with hundreds of millions and little to no accountability.
The New York Times
· ‘The Animals Are Dying. Soon We Will Be Alone Here.’  
Sea yarns that serve as voyages of self-discovery have been the exclusive literary domain of men for far too long, and McConaghy deserves extra credit for sounding the oceanic depths of the female soul.
The Independent
· Where to buy face masks: Reusable coverings to shop now as rules in England change  
Made from a silver-based yarn that protects from bacteria and germs, they have fabric ear straps and from every mask sale, 50 per cent of profits are being donated to the NHS Masks For Heroes crowdfunding campaign, who are raising funds for essential PPE for frontline healthcare workers.